"There is no coming to consciousness without pain.  People will do anything no matter how absurd, to avoid facing their own soul.  One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light; but by making the darkness conscious"  Carl Jung.

As a young child I knew spirit's were around me, I could see, hear, sense and smell them.  These were the spirits of the dead and the faries alike.  As I grew older my intuitive knowing was random and spontaneous if I advised people not to do something, like get in a car, or leave the hospital or go and visit the doctor; there was always a good reason for it.  I never questioned my intuitive knowing or sensing spirit.  I presumed everyone was the same.  In truth I never spoke about it either as I noticed no-one spoke of it  seriously.

I spent long periods of time roaming the moors of Dartmoor in my childhood allowing myself to be open to the magic and mystery of this beautiful place. I have always had a love of nature, following streams and rivers to see where they go and a huge love of birds especially songbirds. I also get a very great feeling of freedom from the wind blowing across the open moors.  

Nature, mother earth was my main companion, along with the wind, the plants and trees and birds.  They all have their own messages for us.

My love of nature led me to study herbalism (S.N.H.S Dip. Herbalism. S.N.H.S Dip. Advanced Herbalism. S.N.H.S H.I.Dip Higher International Herbalism) when I decided I was not going to give in to the pain and restrictions of arthritis, at an early age. I also studied psychology and life coaching (S.N.H.S Dip. Life Coaching) to enhance life changes I was making especially with the way I am thinking. I trained and worked as a mentor to help people help themselves. I am also trained in suicide intervention.

I started my spiritual path after what I can only describe as a spontaneous Spiritual awakening, it caused serious chaos to my life, I thought I was seriously crazy, with the things I saw and heard. I was a total wreck. I was suicidal at times. In some shamanic traditions this would be seen as a shamanic initiation. I wanted to walk out of my home and keep walking leave society far behind me. Conventional medicine couldn't help me understand what was happening other than to put more labels on me, self medication didn't help me either. I surrendered and asked to be taken out of this world or sorted out, I could go on no longer.  On surrendering to Creator/God/Divine Will, I felt a still, calm presence enter my home and stayed with me for around 5 days, I had never known such peace, and gentle beauty. Words are hard to describe how I felt in this presence.

I had been seeing many symbols in clouds and trees, and eventually found they were rune symbols.  It was in my searches I was lead to my primary shamanic teacher who was trained by world famous shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman.  It was suggested I try shamanism, I had never heard of shamanism or shamans. I had nothing to lose by trying.

Once the drumming started I felt an overwhelming release of mixed emotions. Sadness, joy, wonder, grief; I started crying and truly realized I had so much work to do on myself, my own personal healing journey had began, on all levels, and over the years has continued as I peel away the layers to get to the true shining self that we all are and all can be.

I have been cultivating my shamanic practice ever since. I had to start from scratch so to speak and have diligently put myself back together, it has been a long painful and insightful road back into my heart; learning to trust and learning to love.  Shamanism changed my life and the way I look at myself and others, I took my power back, regained my soul, found my passion for life and now live life to the best of my ability to help others do the same. After many years I reconnected with nature again.

I spent 5 years volunteering full time, working 8 - 16 hours  a day in a busy spiritual retreat centre, this experience taught me many valuable lessons.

I supported my primary shamanic teacher in the shamanic workshops, for 5 years. I have put the many many lessons and questions I was asked into my teaching methods.  I hope I come from my heart, as that is my intention, to love and nurture ourselves is one of the biggest challenges we as spirit in human form face. Most of the lessons I have  had to learn have been about self love. I continue with this in earnest. 

I am a shamanic practitioner, trained in power retrieval, soul retrieval, extraction, psychopomp, curse unravelling and compassionate depossession. I also do reiki, aura cleansing, chakra balancing, and breathwork. I can also give guidance for those who are dying. Since coming back from Peru in 2014 I have been working successfully with animals.  I am also a shamanic teacher.  I currently run shamanic practitioner courses, and I am about to start facilating spiritual retreats.

I am also a Munay Ki Rites mentor, so I can pass on these rite to those who are ready.  The journey with Munay Ki has taken me 7 years to step into the role of transfering these sacred rites gited to us from the Q'ero of peru.

I went to Peru (2014) on a spiritual pilgramage with an Awakened Spiritual Master. Whilst in Peru we were working with Indigenous Shamans, Don Alberto from deep within the Amazonian jungle and Don Angelino a Quero Shaman from the Andes. I have worked with Native Americans in some of there methods. 

I am currently working with Nepalesse Shaman Bhola Banstola, and have just returned from an amazing life changing adventure in Nepal (2017) visiting Nepalese shamans and watching them work, and experiencing ceremonies with them.  I am returning again in 2018.  After speaking with Bhola about coming to Scotland on a bus trip to one of the many temples we visited in Nepal, he agreed and dates were set, he has just visited us here in Scotland and will be doing so again.

I am also delighted to say I have completed my 2 year teacher  training with Sandra Ingerman in 2016  I also very honoured to say I am listed on Sandra's practitioner list, www.shamanicpractitioners.com.  As I work with small groups I have not listed myself on Sandra Ingermans shamanic teachers.

I have trained with many teachers over the years.  It is hard to know what people want me to say about myself so I guess you can contact me to ask for more about myself if you are interested I can also give a list of other teachers I have trained with if you want it please ask.  I deliberately do not mention where I trained, volunteered and supported my first teacher as whilst supporting I was asked not to advertise myself, I honoured this request.  I supported many groups with my primary shamanic teacher;  some as big as 50 people were on them.  I was personally asked by my depossession teacher to support him when he was over from Canada, in his words " you know what you are doing with this work, and I would value you by my side whilst I teach it."  I have since gone on to develop my Guides wisdom and methods into a weekend workshop on depossession called Sacred Spirit Transition.

Reiki I found to be a great complement after a shamanic treatment so I trained in Reiki to reiki master level with various teachers and various styles.

So very very grateful to everyone who helped me during this time, and thank Universe/Creator/God/Spirit/Divine feminine for showing the way.

Thank you for visiting my website, and reading this article.

Many blessings to you.



Contacting Me: 

 As people are not always able to travel I also work doing distant healings to great success. I also work with animals distantly normally, again to great success.

If contacting me by mobile please text rather than leave a voice mail, I am sometimes unable to hear whats being said or catch the number being given. Please keep it short as my phone doesn't accept long text messages.  You would be better emailing me This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Many thanks. If e-mailing however I will reply as soon as I get the message. Please be as clear as possible on what treatment you are asking for.  If you are unsure I will ask my guides what they recommend for you, most session last between 1 - 2 hours, this does include the talking time, or emailing time if you want to chat we can arrange a phone call, and if you require a high level of support please use my mentoring service.

Otherwise, you can contact me through the contact page.  If you don't hear back from me please check your junk folder or contact me again. 

" The schizophrenic is drowning in the waters in which the mystic swims with delight." Joesph Campbell.


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